Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Afternoon in Priddis

acrylic 20 x 26.

A gorgeous afternoon near Priddis ( off  22x toward Bragg Creek) at the private golf course. How nice, even in the winter that they clear all the cart paths around the course. I took some wonderful reference photos and it was so peaceful. I'll have to go back in the summer and check it out. It surely will be busier and I may need permission ( maybe I can rent a cart).

This painting came together quickly as I painted over an old painting full of texture, and loosely brushed in my darks and lights ( no drawing). As I proceeded, I tried to be careful not to overwork it.I'm not sure you can see from the photo, but it has a nice freshness to it. I may tweak it here and there but it's pretty much finished.

Yikes! I only have a couple of more old canvases to paint over. ( And these ones are only a year or two old). I guess I'll have to add the texture myself, before and during, relying on my trusty palette knife.

My reference photo.

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moira ladd said...

this is lovely, i like all your work but the landscapes, and of course the cafe scenes are stunning. the landscapes i think because i do something similar in subject, but the cafe scenes cos i love the light. well done.