Thursday, March 22, 2012

Mike Svob Workshop

The FCA Calgary Chapter ( Federation Of Canadian Artists) hosted a Mike Svob  3 day workshop. Even though his style is very different than mine, I really learned a lot. There is always something to learn from any workshop...even if it's only one thing it's more than you knew before. It's also very humbling.

Mike is a very knowledgeable instructor and more than willing to share information. Each morning he did a demo using a different technique each day. We  painted in the afternoon, except the first day the demo lasted well into the afternoon as he attempted to answer an extraordinary amount of questions. Very interesting.

 The above painting was my attempt at trying it his way... it was unsuccessful, and I ending up using my palette knife

Mike and his first demo painting using the black gesso technique.

With his second demo painting using oil and a more direct method blocking in his larger shapes first.

The last day demo, again using oil on a black gesso covered board.

My attempted at using the black gesso board.

Donna MacDonald trying out Mike's style

Kathleen Theriault

This is the painting I purchased from Mike to add to my meager collection which I am slowly trying to build.

The most valuable lesson Mike was trying to convey and stressed, was the importance of thumb nails and value. I'm being vague, I know, but you would have to take his workshop to really understand  the why and how.
It was a great experience and I really enjoyed meeting new people and having a chance to socialize with my fellow artists.
You can see more of Mike's vibrant work here website

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