Friday, March 23, 2012

Daises With Glass Vase

acrylic 16 x 16 inches

I'm going to take a few weeks or so to experiment with some different subject matter and techniques. I need a change.  So, I expect I will have a lot of failures along the way.

I will be intermittently going back to my landscapes and my trusty palette knife, so I don't get too discouraged and also keep my gallery happy.

I know I will get frustrated but in the long run it will be good for me and my work. I will be doing still life's, figures and urban street scenes.

For this particular piece, I drew inspiration from Ingrid Christensen her blog  and a flower arrangement from Jeremy Lipking. I didn't do either one justice. I do like the feel of this but I think I could have pushed the color more and used thicker vase is also lopsided. Not bad I think for my first attempt.

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Studio at the Farm said...

Linda, the colors are so wonderfully soft and rich. And the vase has a beautiful glow, lopsided or not! I am really looking forward to seeing your ventures away from the woodland scenes.