Saturday, March 31, 2012


'Passage',acrylic 12 x16 inches

Finally,after a few failed works, one I'm fairly happy with.It still needs some refining,but I achieved the mood I wanted and worked hard on some soft edges.Still, the paint is too thin. I can definitely see the Dan and Danny McCaw's influence. I really love their work.Link

The photo I used as reference is by Kristi who has a wonderful blog about restaurant foods. Link
She is graciously letting me reference any of her hundreds of photos! Thanks Kristi, it's very difficult  to capture these type of shots  without the knowledge or permission from the customers.


Studio at the Farm said...

I love the softness and the colors. You really have captured "The Passage".

Eraethil said...

Nice light in this painting!

THallman said...

I love this one too!!!